Ganser Syndrome in Schizophrenia: A Case from India

Sawant N, Parkar Shubhangi R, Arun Kumar V, Dhuri C


Objective: The aim of this paper is to report the symptom of approximate answers in a case of schizophrenia with abnormal MRI findings, who improved with the antipsychotic drugs and to discuss whether it is part of schizophrenic thought disorder or structural brain involvement. Method: A case report and review of the literature of Ganser syndrome in a case of schizophrenia is presented. Results: The subject recovered from her symptoms of approximate answers and schizophrenia. Relatively few cases have been reported about Ganser syndrome in schizophrenia. The majority of articles published were either related to organic cause or dissociative disorder. Conclusions: There is a need to reconsider Ganser syndrome in schizophrenia where it has responded to antipsychotic medications. The current diagnostic classification of Ganser syndrome as Dissociative disorder does not mention about the occurrence in schizophrenia or consider the symptom of approximate answers as a formal thought disorder of schizophrenia.


Ganser Syndrome, Symptoms of Approximate Answer, Schizophrenia

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