Research Publications In Psychiatry: A Daunting Task For Everyone

Hatta S


Over the years, it was noted that there was an urgent need for research publications for every Malaysian Psychiatrist. In academia, the pressure was mounting on every psychiatrist to excel in terms of their key performance indicator (KPI). The research university status of the university demanded all publications to be covered at least by the Scopus and ISI databases. Publications in quartile level journals were sought by every university. The need for publications is great, especially in academia in order to get promoted and develop one’s career. At least, this urgency was not meant for clinicians serving under Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) but the scenario may change in near future. The entire exercise has posed a great challenge to the psychiatrist, and it is presumed that a situation may arise when the psychiatrist may himself or herself face a stressful situation and "burnt-out" situation and succumb to significant mental health problems. A balance has to be struck between our core business in teaching and clinical service in academia, and between clinical service and administrative workload in MOH.

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