Personality Profiles of Malaysian Male Prisoners Convicted of Murder

Mohammad Rahim K, Nadiah Syariani MS, Nurul Hazrina M, Othman A, Khaidzir I, Geshina Ayu MS


Introduction: A review of the criminological literature indicates that some personality traits appear to develop and shape violent criminal behaviour. With this in mind, the present study was aimed to examine the personality profiles of Malaysian male murderers utilising the Alternative Five Factor Model (AFFM) constituting five personality traits: Activity, Sociability, Aggressiveness-Hostility, Impulsive Sensation Seeking, and Neuroticism-Anxiety.

Methods: The present study was an observational cross-sectional study using a guided self-administered questionnaire. Items representing the five personality traits were assessed through the Malay version of Zuckerman-Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire-40-Cross Cultural Questionnaire (ZKPQ-M-40-CC). 71 male prisoners convicted of murder who are incarcerated in 11 Malaysian prisons were recruited. Descriptive item analyses were carried out to elicit the level of responses for each item in the ZKPQ-M-40-CC. Furthermore, the descriptive personality profiles using mean scores were performed.

Results: The results indicated that the mean score of Activity (29.35, SD = 5.66) was higher than other personality traits. The mean score of Impulsive Sensation Seeking (21.65, SD = 6.48) and Aggressiveness-Hostility (21.65, SD = 6.48) were higher than the mean score of Neuroticism-Anxiety (17.96, SD = 5.51). Among the participants, 56.3% of them scored above the mean score (M = 26.54) for Sociability personality traits, which was the highest compared to other personality traits. 53.5% of the murderers scored equal or above the mean score (M = 6.48). Correlations among the five personality traits indicated several significant associations.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the present study successfully identified the personality profiles of Malaysian male prisoners convicted of murder.

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Alternative Five Factor Model; Criminal behaviour; Male murderers; Murder; Personality profiles

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