The Role of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in Developing Substance Use Disorder: A Case Report

Ahmad Nabil MR, Rakesh S, Hazli Z


Objective: Individuals with ADHD are known to have more risk of developing substance use disorder (SUD). However the underlying mechanisms behind it are not straightforward.

Method: We report a case of an adult with ADHD, who has a long standing history of polysubstance use, since the age of 10. He had multiple relapses, even after numerous efforts undertaken to keep him drug-free.

Result: ADHD symptoms were not optimally treated during admission. He had preference towards opioid-based and amphetamine-type substances in order to attain euphoria.

Conclusion: Taking into account the biological and psycho-social condition of this man, we discussed the role of ADHD from the perspective of dysfunctional rewards system and other possible factors in explaining his drug-craving behavior.

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Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD); Substance Use Disorder (SUD); Adult

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