A Review of the Potential Efficacy of Alpha-S1-Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate on Stress and Sleep Disorder

Chee Huei Phing


Introduction: Sleep, much like eating, is a pivotal part of life. The mechanisms of sleep are only partly clear and are the subject of future intense research. Scientific evidence behind sleep-promoting supplements such as alpha-s1-casein tryptic hydrolysate is briefly described. These are reviewed using data from clinical trials. Although there are clear physiological connections behind these effects, the clinical relevance has to be studied further. This review seeks to serve as a reference for future clinical trials to promote sleep.

Methods: Potentially eligible papers were screened at the title and abstract level; of which full text papers on human-based trial were retrieved. Papers were also identified from screening of reference lists.

Results: A literature search was undertaken between Year 2005 to Year 2016 using database Google Scholar. Search terms were “Effects of alpha-s1-casein tryptic hydrolysate”. A total of seven studies were reviewed and summarized.

Conclusion: Randomized controlled trial in human being is warranted to unearth the potential benefits of αs1-casein tryptic hydrolysate for Malaysian adults.

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Sleep; alpha-s1-casein tryptic hydrolysate; stress

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