Cross-cultural Adaptation of the Reliable and Valid Malay Version of Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test

Ali N, Abdul Mutalip MH, Kamaruddin R, Manickam MA, Ahmad NA


Background: Early detection of alcohol abuse and associated risk(s) is necessary. It requires easy and reliable screening tools that are culturally adapted to the local context.

Objectives: The aims of this study were to cross-culturally adapt, test for its reliability and validity of the Malay version of Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Testing (AUDIT-M).

Methods: The cross-cultural adaptation process involved four stages: translation, synthesis, back translation and field pre-testing. The final version of AUDIT-M was pre-tested and post-tested within a 10-day interval among 37 respondents at the Tampin Health Clinic. Analysis of reliability and validity testing were done using SPSS version 21.

Results: There were 37 participants in this study. The Intra-Class Correlation (ICC) with single measures of the test-retest scores was 0.93 (Cronbach alpha = 0.97), while the internal consistency reliability yielded (Cronbach alpha=0.92). Validity testing for the Pre-test and Post-test analysis with the Pearson correlation analysis was r=0.938.

Conclusion: The translated Malay version of the AUDIT-M was found to be easy to understand and adaptable in the Malaysian context.

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AUDIT Translation; Malay Language; Reliability and Validity

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