Results of a Real-World Study of Vortioxetine in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder in South East Asia (REVIDA): Subgroup Analysis of Malaysian Patients

Chin Cheuk Ngen, Azhar Zain, Au Yong Koon Choong, Chong Marvin Swee Woon, Yen Teck Hoe, Yeoh Boon Beng David, Yap Chin Hong, Ku Ruslan bin Ku Ahmad, Keira Joann Herr


Objective: This subgroup analysis of the real-world REVIDA study aimed to evaluate depressive symptom progression, cognitive function, and work productivity in Malaysian patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) treated with vortioxetine over 3 months.

Methods: The REVIDA study was conducted from August 2016 to April 2017. Overall, 76 patients (aged 18–65 years, inclusive) with an active MDD episode were recruited in Malaysia. Vortioxetine was initiated on the first visit and patients were followed for 3 months. Depression severity was assessed by patients (PHQ-9 questionnaire) and physicians (CGI-S scale); cognitive function was assessed with the PDQ-D questionnaire; work productivity and activity impairment were assessed using the WPAI questionnaire.

Results: In eligible Malaysian patients, mean (SD) baseline PHQ-9 and CGI-S scores decreased from 20.6 (4.7) [severe depression] and 4.6 (0.6) [moderately to markedly ill] to 4.3 (4.5) [none–mild depression] and 2.1 (0.9) (borderline ill) at Month 3, respectively. During the 3-month treatment period, mean (SD) PDQ-D scores decreased from 48.4 (17.6) to 11.2 (11.5). During the same period, work productivity loss decreased from 83.2% to 30.3%, activity impairment decreased from 80.5% to 21.8%, and absenteeism decreased from 70.3% to 17.1%. By Month 3, PHQ-9 response and remission rates were 89.1% and 60.0%, respectively; 87.7% of patients were either not depressed or only mildly depressed (PHQ-9 score ≤9).

Conclusion: In this subgroup analysis of Malaysian patients with MDD, vortioxetine was effective and well-tolerated at reducing depressive symptoms, while significantly improving cognitive function and work productivity with high response and remission rates.

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Antidepressant; Major Depressive Disorder; Vortioxetine; Malaysia; Subgroup Analysis

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