Brief Psychotic Disorder in Relation to Coronavirus, COVID-19 Outbreaks: A Case Report

Nathratul Ayeshah Zulkifli, Sulekha Sivapatham, Ng Chong Guan


Coronaviruses are a family of virus that cause respiratory symptoms. The latest outbreaks of the virus in late December 2019, is named Covid-19. World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency on 31th of January 2020. Cases were detected across the globe. Brief psychotic disorder is a sudden onset (within two weeks) of psychosis which lasting for less than a month. The affected person will eventually return to their premorbid state. It is often in response to a stressful event in one’s life. We reported a case of 31 years old man, who presented with one week’s history of odd behaviour. He was causing a disturbance within his neighbourhood, where he was holding a knife, talking irrelevantly and acting suspiciously. This was his first presentation to hospital. He has no family history of mental illness. He did not take any illicit substances nor alcoholic. In the ward, he was given a low dose of antipsychotics, where he responded rapidly. His brother reported that the patient had been very worked up with the coronavirus outbreak news and had been constantly texting him. He was having fear and distress as he felt that there were not enough preventive measures were being put into place to curb the outbreak of the disease. 

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Coronavirus; Covid-19; Psychosis; Brief Psychotic Disorder; Stress; Outbreaks

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