Trichotillomania with Trichophagia Complicated with Intestinal Obstruction Secondary to Trichobezoars Treated with Antidepressant: A Case Report of Rapunzel Syndrome

Chong Siew Koon, Khor Eleen


Trichotillomania with trichophagia is a bizarre psychiatric condition which is rarely reported. Trichobezoar on the other hand has been seen in various surgical reports. It is uncommon to encounter these conditions presenting concurrently. Trichotillomania which is a focus of this case report is a chronic, mental disease of impulse control, characterized by repetitive, compulsive, and self-induced hair pulling. It can occur at any age but is observed more often in adolescents, with a strong predominance in females. Diagnosis of trichotillomania may be difficult, and its effective treatment challenging. This is a case report regarding a rare case of all three conditions occurring simultaneously; of a young girl of native origin who had the recurrent urge to pull her hair and consume it. She developed two episodes of intestinal obstructions consequent to the trichobezoars which was secondary to the uncontrolled hair consumption. She had to undergo two separate laparotomies to relieve the obstruction.


Trichotillonania; Trichophagia; Trichobezoar

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