A Case Series Describing the Tale of ‘The Magic Mushroom’; An Increasing Trend of Psychedelic Misuse Among Substance Abusers in Terengganu

Chong Siew Koon, Tuan Sharipah binti Tuan Hadi, Izatt Syafieq bin Abd Rashad, Ruzila binti Ali


Hallucinogens comprise of a vast amount of substances such as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, Phenylcyclidine PCP, naturally occurring alkaloid like Belladona and even mushrooms such as psylocybins. Usage of these substances can be traced back to antiquity, serving various purpose such as spiritual rites or even recreational purposes. However, in the modern era, teenagers appear to be in favor of designer drugs such as amphetamine type stimulants and more addictive substances such as opiates. Recently, there has been a resurgence of such cases in Terengganu where several patients had been reported to be using psychedelic compounds in the form of hallucinogenic mushrooms. 

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Mushroom; Psychedelic; Hallucinogen; Substance

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