Women Mental Health in the North of Fars, Iran

Siamak Khodarahimi, Malihe Khajahe, Reza Sattar, Ali Rsti


The purpose of present study was to examine the effects of demographical factors in women mental heath in an Iranian sample. The effects of demographical factors on women’s psychopathology within a survey design investigated among 200 women who were selected by random sampling method and their mental health measured by SCL-90-R checklist. All of psychopathological indices were significantly higher among singles, 36--40 years aged group and females with low socio economic status. Women’s levels of education and city of residence were effective on their mental health. Overall findings support of marital status, age, socio economic status, level of education and city of residence influences on women’s mental health. The common trend for demographical factors effects in women mental health was consistent with ones in feminine psychopathology throughout the universe but there is another cultural-bounded explanation too.


Women, mental health, psychopathology, demographical factors.

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