Assoc Prof Dr Ng Chong Guan (University of Malaya)

Dr Ng Chong Guan graduated with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from University of Malaya in 2001 and Master of Psychological Medicine (MPM) in 2009. He was then offered a scholarship from European Union via AsiaLink Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence based Medicine Program. In the context of this program, he was offered a PhD fellowship in Clinical Epidemiology in Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He completed his second master degree - Master of Sciences in Clinical Epidemiology (MSc) in 2010 and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychooncology in 2012.

At the moment, he is an Associate Professor in Psychological Medicine, University Malaya. He is also the treasurer of Malaysian Psychiatric Association and the Vice President of Malaysian Mental Health Association. He is currently persuing his second Doctorate Degree in Medicine (MD) in University Malaya. He is very active in research and had more than hundred international publications. His work has centred around depression and distress in palliative cancer patients. In his first doctorate study, he looked particularly at the acute effect of augmentation pharmacotherapy with psychostimulant in depression. In his current doctorate study, he is examining the effect of mindfulness-based therapy in the reduction of distress in palliative patients.

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Liaison Psychiatry

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